We’re a communication and digital marketing agency . we love our job and we get excited on new projects.

every projects is a challenge on which we like to work in team . that is the reason why we develop web, social and integrated communication solutions working in team. to join ideas and goals allow us to begin a confidence relationship with customer. strategies never are singles and finished. every work can be shaped forward and gets better day by day. web is alive as it is, exactly like social media and this is communication we want, pushed by creativity: to live completely the project to achieve always higher goals.

Inside Social Media Team


I nostri Valori

Our bases

Il Cluetrain Manifesto
Quick Manifesto
Ethical Marketing

Il Social Media Team

Brilliance and rationality.  natural leader able to motivate team toward new challenges. 

MarcoNational Key Account
Sthacanovite, wishful thinker and methodical. every projects becomes a dare to take a challenge.
DanieleKey Account
International digital business expert. his gaze turn towards  asia. from russia to japan he projects integrated and efficacious  web strategies.
IrinaSocial Media Specialist
She plans and manage web communication projects. creative, positive and social. when somebody tells her she talks too much, she writes. 
AndreaArt Director
He works on image and he creates the graphic concept. nobody know where he picks his creative ideas, many people think they come from his beard. 
They say she is methodical and puntual and this makes her special. her biggest ossesion is roi.
RenataGeneral Direction
She coordinates the operative part, plans every event in every single detail. 

I nostri Partner

<strong>Yandex Money</strong>
Yandex Money
Yandex.Money is the largest electronic payment service in Russia offering easy, safe, and reliable methods of paying and accepting payments online from bank cards, e-wallets, mobile phone balances, and in cash via payment kiosks. As of April 2014, Yandex.Money had 18 million accounts with about 12,000 new accounts opened daily. The platform handles more than 150,000 customer payments every day. Currently, over 65,000 online stores accept Yandex.Money. According to TNS, Yandex.Money is Russia’s most well-known and widely used payment service: 87 percent of Russians are familiar with it, and 22 percent regularly use Yandex.Money to make payments.
<b>Perpetuum Media</b>
Perpetuum Media
Perpetuum Media is engaging in the app domain providing services with a firm aim on Life Cycle Management. We help Developers and Publishers to make the most out of their product portfolio through advanced life cycle management tools and publishing services allowing for extended life and increased ROI. We also provide tailor-made solutions (ex connecting billing to wrapped apps, integration of SDK utilizing wrappers and more) utilizing our tech and know-how. 
<strong>East Media</strong>
East Media
East Media è la prima azienda in Italia specializzata esclusivamente nel Digital Marketing in Asia ed in particolare nei motori di ricerca e nei social media utilizzati in Cina, Russia e Corea del Sud. Nell’era della globalizzazione e di internet 2.0, avere una presenza vincente sul web è la chiave per competere con la concorrenza alimentando un flusso continuo di leads di qualità e di conseguenza di vendite crescenti. 
SimpleNetworks srl sviluppa software ad-hoc per ogni tipo di esigenza, puntando sulla potenza della rete e tutte le nuove tecnologie web. Oltre al software personalizzato realizziamo siti dinamici basati su CMS standard oppure CMS creati su misura e seguiamo anche tutto lo sviluppo successivo del sito con tecniche SEO e web marketing. Ci occupiamo anche di sicurezza informatica e protezione dei dati.
<strong>Associazione Phyeson</strong>
Associazione Phyeson
L’Associazione Phyeson, promotrice del progetto Happy Expo 2015, dal 2003 si occupa cooperazione internazionale, innovazione e comunicAzione dal 2003,  focalizzando la propria attività sull’internazionalizzazione del Made in Italy di Eccellenza “Certificata e Garantita“, sulla promozione di  High Quality Italy e High Quality China Projects  ed altre iniziative internazionali innovative, orientate a risultati positivi, concreti, di lungo periodo.
<strong>Happy EXPO 2015</strong>
Happy EXPO 2015
Happy Expo 2015  Italia – Cina è un progetto nazionale dedicato alla celebrazione della Nuova Via della Seta nelle relazioni commerciali e di cooperazione tra ECCELLENZE ITALIANE ed ECCELLENZE CINESI. Dal 1° maggio al 31 ottobre 2015 durante l’Expo 2015, partner e sponsor italiani e cinesi , potranno usufruire di numerosi servizi e attività promo commerciali finalizzati a raggiungere obiettivi concreti e duraturi.