We supporto your international online placement with technical measures on line and off line 

communication and targeted marketing plans


We offers classroom and online courses for companies and entrepreneur who wants to create international business

and spread up their network.
We put on disposal instruments and certified consultancies to conjugate in every sector.
We manage the online placement and instruments for an efficient integrated communication using personalized marketing plans.

To be found in a sea called internet is not easy but possible, taking the right marketing and communication’s choices and implementing the right strategy for target you want to reach.
To be competitive you must be online , develop business to business strategies and an efficacious communication plan.
The asian target, especially chinese, russian and korean people, don’t use the same instruments we use in western communication. social media are different, as well as search engine operators are different. google is not used in china, where they prefer baidu or, if we talk about russia, yandex.

Therefore it’s fundamental to place yourself on this search engine operators but it’s fundamental also to talk to population of that countries through social networks they use.
We’ve been talking about all of this in our past workshop focused on touristic and accommodations’ sector, planned in collaboration with lazio’s hotel manager association and confapi. moreover, we also gave birth to internazionalization and education projects, that will allow companies and manager who wish to meet asian markets and open themselves to new business opportunity

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